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Search engine optimization

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Markup for multilingual websites

The correct markup for website localization and internationalization.

Many websites have content in multiple languages targeting multiple countries. For the purposes of SEO, it is important to explicitly specify the target region and language codes for each page and link different page versions to each other.

Normally, each page only includes content in one primary language and targets a specific country or region.

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What is the Google Knowledge Graph?

Is it the world's largest knowledge base?

The Google Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base owned by Google and used in various products in services such as Search and Maps. It includes the definitions and facts about movies, books, TV shows, celebrities, authors, locations, companies, medical conditions, and many other types of entities, all available in multiple languages.

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Server-side rendering with code splitting

How to implement server-side rendering with code splitting?

Server-side rendering makes your website faster for users and search engines. In addition to this, not all crawlers can run JavaScript, so search engines and social platforms may not index or process the content of the website.

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