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Material Design implementations for the web
Ready-to-use Material Design components.
HTTP headers
The list of commonly used HTTP headers.
Built-in React hooks
The list of built-in React hooks.
Using language codes
Official language codes used on the web.
What is Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) and how to use it?
UX design and research resources from Google
The list of user experience design and research resources created by Google.
Emoji SVG sources
SVG sources of Google and Twitter emojis.
What is Wikidata?
Markup for multilingual websites
The correct markup for website localization and internationalization.
Declaring custom JSX/HTML attributes in TypeScript
How to specify non-standard JSX/HTML attributes in TypeScript?
Event-driven architecture
What is an event-driven architecture and how is it different from other architectures?
Where to find the list of all emojis?
Finding the most comprehensive list of emoji characters.
How to embed a YouTube video into Markdown?
Ways to insert a YouTube player into a Markdown document.
What is the Google Knowledge Graph?
Is it the world's largest knowledge base?
Introduction to SPARQL
SPARQL is a query language for graph data. The graph model of thinking fits well a lot of use cases.
CSS variables
Using CSS variables.
Line breaks in CSS
How to tune the browser's text wrapping algorithms?
Flow-relative padding and margin
Why is padding-inline-start better than padding-left?
Creating a playlist in React
How to create a playlist in React?
Server-side rendering with code splitting
How to implement server-side rendering with code splitting?
Loading npm dependencies from multiple registries
How to add npm dependencies from multiple package registries?
Creating a JavaScript library with webpack
How to bundle a JavaScript library with webpack?
How to scp?
Using the scp command.
What does a senior developer do?
The difference between an intermediate and senior developer.
Generating data URLs in JavaScript
How to generate data URLs in JavaScript?
Using amp-script.
Receiving email with Node.js
How to receive email in Node.js?
Publishing an npm package to GitHub Packages
How to publish an npm package to GitHub Packages?
Asynchronous iteration in JavaScript
Gotchas with asynchronous iteration in JavaScript.
Preloading on hover
Preloading the destination page when the user hovers over a link.
Signed exchanges
What are signed exchanges and how to implement them?
Iterating over Map in JavaScript
Gotchas with iterating over a Map object in JavaScript.
Useful SEO resources
Tools and services for validating SEO.
Article structured data
Article structured data examples.
Working with ChemDraw JS
ChemDraw JS makes it possible to create, view, and edit chemical structures in the browser.
Authenticating to an npm registry
How to authenticate to an npm registry?
Multi-<select> in React
How to implement a controlled multi-<select> in React?
Migrating from Google Cloud Source Repositories to GitHub
How to import a repository from Google Cloud Source to GitHub?
Styling native HTML dropdowns
How to style the native HTML dropdown?
Gatsby vs. Next.js
What is the difference between Gatsby and Next.js?
How to run a JSX script?
Executing .jsx files with command line
<select> in React
How to implement a controlled <select> in React?
System-wide HTTP requests
Inspecting all HTTP network requests.
Parsing XML in JavaScript
How to parse XML in JavaScript?
Building a DNS server in Node.js
How to build a DNS server in Node.js?
Working with Next.js
What is Cypress?
Working with Gatsby